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This article was originally published on thewc on September 17, 2020

Cape Helderberg challenged to go smoke-free – Somerset Mall gets alternative cigarettes store

Philip Morris South Africa (PMSA) is opening an IQOS retail space at the Somerset Mall in Helderberg.

Philip Morris is one of the largest tobacco companies in South Africa- the company’s portfolio in South Africa includes Marlboro and Chesterfield as well as other tobacco products such as Best Blend and Boxer pipe tobacco and Taxi snuff.

The company strengthened its portfolio by adding a revolutionary heated tobacco product, IQOS, in May 2017.

This, in line with the company’s vision of a smoke-free South Africa.

“The launch of the new space at Somerset Mall follows a further retail expansion across South Africa. Currently, we have 25 retail sites nationally and this additional retail site is part of our ongoing efforts. This is the 11th retail site in the Western Cape region,” explains Zimbini Peffer, Head of Marketing and Digital at Philip Morris South Africa.

“Our significant investment signals how serious we are about creating a smoke-free South Africa through a product which offers a better choice than smoking cigarettes to the 11-million adult smokers who continue to smoke.”

Peffer said that this space at Somerset Mall allows adult smokers to experience a better alternative to continued smoking.

What is IQOS?

“IQOS is a sophisticated piece of tech that heats a tobacco stick to no more than 350 degrees Celsius, but does not burn it – creating a nicotine aerosol,” says Peffer. “It is different from other e-cigarettes or vaping devices that heat flavored liquid often containing nicotine. It produces no smoke, ash, or smell. IQOS is not risk-free. It contains nicotine which is addictive. But it is a better choice for those adult smokers who choose to continue smoking.”

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