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Are there alternative tobacco products in South Africa?

Alternative tobacco products

There are a number of alternatives to smoking available on the market in South Africa, including e-cigarettes (, vapes ( and, of course, the revolutionary IQOS.


E-cigarettes, which are often confused with vapes, are battery-powered devices with small elements inside them. The battery heats up the element, which in turn heats e-liquid contained in a disposable cartridge to create a vapour that is inhaled when you press a button on the device. E-cigarettes tend to look like ordinary cigarettes and consist of a single unit that is either disposable or rechargeable.


Vapes are similar to e-cigarettes in the sense that they also heat up e-liquid, but they are more complicated devices compared to e-cigarettes and are made up of more components. Vapes contain a rechargeable battery that heats up an element in the device, and a built-in atomiser that vaporises the e-liquid, which is stored in a refillable tank. Once the amount of e-liquid in the tank gets low you need to fill it up again with the flavour of your choice. Some vapes work with pre-filled capsules – less messy – that are inserted into the device and discarded after use. There is a wide variety of e-liquids available – from peculiar flavours to more traditional tobacco-based options. Vapes often feature temperature and strength control options so the user can determine the intensity of the vapour puff and cloud. 


IQOS is a rechargeable device which, unlike e-cigarettes or vapes, heats up compressed, high-quality tobacco sticks called HEETS to around 350 degrees centigrade as opposed to the 650 degrees centigrade of a traditional cigarette, to create vapour and a full tobacco flavour, without combustion. An alternative tobacco product for adult smokers who want to switch from traditional cigarettes, IQOS consists of a tube fitted with a heating blade into which sticks of tobacco are inserted and heated. IQOS is rechargeable and all available models have been designed to last.

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