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How to Safely Charge Your E-Cigarette
How to Safely Charge Your E-Cigarette

How to Safely Charge Your E-Cigarette

E-cigarette safety is a top priority. Learn about good vape charging practices and how to keep your e-cigarette battery safe.

When switching from cigarettes to vaping there are a few changes you’ll be aware of, such as the need to charge your vape. Charging a device may feel unusual to begin with and it might also raise questions about safety. In this article, we’ll tackle the issue of e-cigarette safety and, more specifically, battery safety. We’ll be showcasing some top tips to help you safely charge your e-cigarette and keep your device in its best possible condition.

It’s important to note, when discussing vapes, that e-cigarettes are not risk-free. Most e-cigarette liquids contain nicotine, which is addictive. Without question, the best decision any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. For those who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products, switching to a smoke-free alternative such as an e-cigarette may be a better option than continued smoking.

The importance of looking after your battery cannot be understated when it comes to your e-cigarette’s safety. A vast majority of e-cigarettes use either external, or internal, rechargeable batteries. Larger vapes often have external batteries that need to be replaced over time. Smaller vapes typically use an integrated battery - a convenient practice that only requires the device’s USB charger to keep it powered up. No matter the battery type, one crucial factor in maintaining your device should be the smart practice of e-cigarette battery safety measures.

Why Do E-Cigarette Safety Issues Occur?

E-cigarette safety issues are often caused through the neglect of device care and maintenance. Bearing this in mind, here are some suggested steps to help ensure the safety of your e-cigarette.

Regularly check for damage - don’t be afraid to highlight any problems with your device’s provider. If left unchecked, minor internal damage can cause more significant problems. Device malfunctions can start with an easily fixable issue.

Only use the supplied USB charger - it can be tempting and convenient to use an alternative charger, but this may damage your device over time. An incompatible charger is a common cause of e-cigarette battery damage.

Monitor and replace your battery regularly - old batteries are more likely to malfunction and cause damage. An old battery is a potential hazard and it’s easy to replace yours when the time comes.

Avoid plugging your device into a laptop, choose the mains instead - on the face of it, this might seem like a convenient idea. However, laptops aren’t designed to act as a charger port for your e-cigarette - they’re incompatible and this could damage the battery. Be sure to stick with the provided e-cigarette charger.

Keeping on top of your device doesn’t take long and, safety aside, it avoids the inconvenience of a broken vape. That’s one reason why looking after your e-cigarette is a good idea, but how exactly do you look after one?

How To Look After Your E-Cigarette and Battery

There are a few everyday practices that can go a long way - not only in prolonging your e-cigarette’s life but supporting a satisfying experience every time. Here’s what you can do to look after your e-cigarette:

Avoid overcharging - it can damage the battery and the device. As a matter of e-cigarette safety, a faulty device can be simply avoided by bearing this in mind.

Turn off your vape after use - not only is it better for safety, but it also allows you to conserve your device’s energy, avoiding the inconvenience of a powerless e-cigarette.

Keep away from sunlight or intense heat - you wouldn’t leave your smartphone in direct sunlight, or any other electronic device for that matter. A vape is no different. Even in less intense environments, it’s always good practice to keep your e-cigarette away from direct heat or light.

Keep your contact points clean - this will prevent deterioration. Your e-cigarette is designed to last, so why not keep it in good condition? A bit of cleaning goes a long way in ensuring your device’s durability.

With these straight-forward steps, you can:

  • Prevent breakages
  • Prolong use
  • Keep your e-cigarette safe
Your e-cigarette should provide a satisfying experience. Good maintenance will sustain your vape in the long run. As with any electronic device, safe charging practices as per the manufacturer’s instructions should be upheld.

How Long Does It Take To Charge an E-Cigarette Battery?

This can vary because if there’s one thing that you can guarantee, it’s that each e-cigarette is different. Pay close attention to individual guidance for your device, while remembering complete charge time ultimately comes down to personal usage. Let’s not forget the implication of battery size too. Some devices may have a longer battery life than others. A good recommendation is to charge your device in consistent short bursts. This avoids strain on the battery and will minimise long charging times. The consistent strain on a vape battery can cause damage over time, and this raises a question about battery life. Read more ‘Why does my vape battery die so fast’ about why your vape battery dies so fast.

How long should you keep a vape battery?

Integrated batteries are non-replaceable. As you don’t need to worry about replacing them, you’ll only need to keep an eye on the device’s overall condition. For external batteries, best practice is to make regular checks for any physical damage. E-cigarette batteries that have incurred damage should always be replaced for safety.

What happens if you leave your vape charging?

You may be wondering whether you can charge an e-cigarette overnight? The convenience may seem all too tempting. The best way to charge your vape’s battery is with short bursts. It is generally not advisable to charge an e-cigarette overnight or for any prolonged period in which you cannot monitor it. It’s also important to unplug your USB charger once the device is fully charged, to avoid any damage, much like you should with a smartphone.

If you’re charging in small bursts, you may also wonder about whether you can use your vape while it is charging.

Should I use my vape while it’s charging?

It isn’t advisable to vape while charging, as this puts pressure on the battery. Compromising your e-cigarette’s battery safety is not worth the convenience of vaping while you charge. Instead, utilise brief charging bursts to boost your device - that way, you won’t need to use your vape while it’s charging.

With all that information about e-cigarette safety in mind, you may be wondering about the reliability of your device.

When it comes to choosing an e-cigarette, you might want to be certain of the device’s safety. That’s why you shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to do your own research and find a reputable e-cigarette that meets your needs. With a trustworthy device from a reputable manufacturer, you can have confidence in the device and its longevity.