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Vape Wattage - All You Need to Know / Vape Wattage Chart
Vape Wattage - All You Need to Know / Vape Wattage Chart

Vape Wattage - All You Need to Know / Vape Wattage Chart

What is Wattage in Vaping?

Learning about wattage can boost your vaping experience - whether you’re a vaper or an adult smoker who's looking to switch to an alternative. On the face of it, the scientific language that accompanies vaping might seem too complicated - understandably so. There’s no need to worry though. With this handy vape wattage guide we’ll help you find the best wattage to vape at.

Vape Wattage Guide

With our vape wattage guide, you might be able to work out what’s needed for your device. Of course, you might want a more in-depth insight into wattage - such as the best wattage to vape at for different devices. Below we’ll explore how wattage affects your vape and what the different terms mean.

Why Does Wattage Affect My Vape?

Wattage is a measure of electrical power and, when we’re talking about vapes, defines the altering of temperature as the e-liquid heats. In vaping, wattage can be personally tuned to suit personal preferences - meaning there’s no golden rule or a uniform best wattage for vaping. Temperature influences everything from flavour to the throat hit, to the level of vapour produced. This can seem quite overwhelming, so our advice is to keep it simple at first when switching from cigarettes. There’s plenty of room to explore and find what suits you best in the future.

How to Choose Your Ideal Wattage

There are plenty of factors to consider when finding the best wattage to vape at for you. This includes wire types, pods and tank systems. There’s no right or wrong option, it all comes down to personal preference. That’s why you should explore different options and find what suits you, even if it takes a bit of time.

When it comes to calculating your vape’s wattage, there’s two other factors – Ohms and volts that you should factor in. Why is this, and what do they mean?


Watts define the electrical power of a system. As discussed, this is an important, interchangeable factor in vapes.


When talking about wattage in vapes, we should also consider Ohms. Ohms are a measurement of resistance, a significant factor in electricity and, therefore, in vapes. It’s important to know that resistance varies between vapes.


Simply put, volts are another way of measuring electricity. It goes hand in hand with Ohms and watts - it defines the voltage in electricity. Higher voltage translates to higher watts - more power in your vape.

The three; volts, Ohms, watts, are linked through Ohm’s law. This might seem familiar, that’s because it’s a widely used formula for calculations regarding electricity. If you’re looking to calculate your Ohms to watts, you need not look any further than Ohm’s law.

Of course, that might not seem all too helpful. That’s why we’ve included our very own Ohms to watts vape chart below:

Ohm's Law Chart

Hopefully, our vape wattage calculator chart or Ohms to watts vape chart helped you find what you need.

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