Technology can help make better choices

Philip Morris South Africa invited media last night to join a discussion with celebrated SA DJ, music producer and tech enthusiast, Fistaz Mixwell who revealed how he is making better choices while using technology to lead a better life in his 40’s.

DJ Fistaz has been a household name in SA for over 20-years and is fondly referred to as Mr. Gadget – given his affinity for searching for the latest tech innovations which directly have an impact on him.

Media attendees had the opportunity to get into conversation with the famed DJ about technology and its impact his life choices.

“As a DJ I am on the road a lot and I am always on the lookout for tech and innovative products” said DJ Fistaz Mixwell. “It was a great experience to speak about the value of technological developments in my work and in my personal life.”

He spoke about how technology has impacted positively on his life talking about everything from headphones, to smart phones and some of his essential DJ equipment he incorporates into his life. He also mentioned how switching to IQOS, a better alternative to smoking, has helped change his life for the better.

“Wearables are vastly helping me improve my life, I never leave home without my Apple Airpods – they’re voice activated and deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience, coupled with that the AirFly Transmitter for my headphones – really handy to connect my Airpods to entertainment systems where wired-audio jacks were previously required.” he explained. “When I first started out in my career I used to have to carry around heavy crates full of vinyl and now I just carry a single USB stick, I can do way more with way less.”

“I have recently switched to PowerBeats for my DJ sets because the wireless tech gives me freedom of movement when I DJ,” he added. “I love the Osmo Pocket, it’s perfect for getting cinematigraphic shots for my DJ volgs while on tour and I never tour without my Opollo Twin, which delivers enhanced audio conversion and is the world’s most popular desktop recording interface.”

“We developed this experience with DJ Fistaz Mixwell to better demonstrate the impact that technology can have, in different ways” says Rishaad Hajee, Marketing Manager at Philip Morris South Africa. “It provided an opportunity to show how, through technological developments, there are better alternatives for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to use cigarettes.”

While the idea of heating tobacco (instead of burning it) has been around for more than two decades, PMI says that it took years of research and development to create a new product, IQOS, which is a better alternative for adult smokers. The tobacco in a cigarette burns at temperatures in excess of 600°C, generating smoke that contains high levels of harmful chemicals. But IQOS heats tobacco to much lower temperatures, up to 350°C, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. The lower temperature heating releases the true taste of heated tobacco. Because the tobacco is heated and not burned, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.

“By heating instead of burning tobacco, IQOS emits 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes,” Hajee says. “What’s more, it doesn’t produce any smoke or ash and there’s no cigarette smell.”

When asked, where to for Fistaz in his 40’s? He replied: “More experimenting with my sound, opening up new markets and I am looking forward to touring China and Japan later on in the year.”

“It is always so interesting to talk to my peers who have different responses and feelings towards their life-choices at different ages,” Mixwell explained. “The most encouraging thing is that we have found alternatives to help us with these choices.”

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