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IQOS 3 DUO provides you with two consecutive uses without the need to recharge in between HEETS.

IQOS Multi

Once this heated tobacco system is fully charged, enjoy 10 back-to-back, uninterrupted tobacco moments.

IQOS 3.0

IQOS 3 designed to fit amazingly in your hands, it gives you hundreds of customization options to make it yours.

IQOS 2.4 Plus

IQOS 2.4 PLUS is intended to sync with our Bluetooth app, to get you started with features such as device pairing, and much more.

IQOS 2.4

The perfect start of journey from cigarettes towards a new level of tobacco enjoyment.

If you are experiencing an issue with your IQOS 2.4 device, the first step is to check if it has been charged.

How to check if your IQOS 2.4 device is charged:

Check that the IQOS 2.4 Pocket Charger is turned on, by pressing the pocket charger’s button for 1 second. The lights should turn on. If they don’t, press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

If you do not see any lights, charge the pocket charger by using the official IQOS AC Power Adaptor and cable for at least 20 minutes.* We recommend a full recharge, which should take about 90 minutes.

To see if your IQOS 2.4 Holder is charged, just press the button on your pocket charger (while your holder is insight) and if the circle on top of your pocket charger is steady and green, yourIQOS 2.4 Holder is ready use. If it is pulsing then it is currently charging. Alternative just remove the holder and check whether the light is green If it is then your IQOS Holder is charged and ready to go.

* Note that laptop USB ports may not have enough power to charge your pocket charger. We recommend to use the official IQOS AC Power Adaptor and cable.

How to Charge IQOS 2.4 Video

Resetting Your IQOS 2.4 Device

If your IQOS 2.4 is charged, but still not working, the next step is to reset the IQOS 2.4 device.

Press the two buttons below the battery status lights simultaneously and you will see all the lights turning on. The 4 status lights will be green and the IQOS Holder and cleaning light will be orange. This confirms that a reset has been performed.

Cleaning Your IQOS 2.4 Device Can Solve a Number of Problems You Might Be Experiencing

Does it feel difficult to draw on your HEETS while using your IQOS 2.4? Not getting enough aerosol when using your IQOS 2.4? These issues can likely be resolved by using the IQOS cleaning tool and cleaning sticks to clean the heating chamber and the IQOS cap.

Cleaning your IQOS 2.4 regularly and with the right tools will not only ensure that you are getting the optimal real tobacco taste experience; but it can also solve some of the issues you may be experiencing with your IQOS 2.4.

How to Clean IQOS 2.4 Video

Is your IQOS 2.4 Holder not charging?

If your IQOS 2.4 Holder is not charging properly, it might be that the connectors need cleaning. Just clean the connectors of your IQOS Holder and the IQOS Pocket Charger with the IQOS cleaning sticks.

IQOS 2.4 Temperature Issues

Do you see a red light on your holder or a red blinking light on your IQOS 2.4 Pocket Charger? This might be, because your IQOS is too cold or too hot

The IQOS 2.4 operates in a temperature range between 10° and 40°C. If the ambient temperature is low, try warming the IQOS 2.4 Holder in your hand for at least 1 minute. If it is too hot, take it with you to a colder place and it should be working again once it has cooled down

Does your IQOS 2.4 have a broken blade or other physical damage?

Check to see if your IQOS 2.4 has a broken blade or any other physical damage. If it does, we are sorry that this happened to you. Please contact Customer Care and we will support you with this issue.

Sometimes cleaning the IQOS 2.4 Holder can damage the blade inside your IQOS 2.4 Holder. Be careful not to exert force onto the blade when cleaning your IQOS 2.4. Also ensure you never twist your HEETS tobacco stick while it's in the holder. This movement can damage the heating blade and disrupt your IQOS 2.4 experience.


Every IQOS experience is unique. So we developed IQOS CARE PLUS, a service package for you to enjoy tailored support, coverage, and other additional benefits. It's time to enhance your IQOS experience

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