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IQOS Friends Program Terms and Conditions

  1. The IQOS Friends program is a Philip Morris South Africa Proprietary Limited (“PMSA”) program.
  2. By participating in the IQOS Friends program, you confirm that you are (i) over the age of 18; (ii) an IQOS user; and (iii) a South African resident.
  3. You are only able to participate in the IQOS Friends program if you have an IQOS device which is registered in your name.
  4. You further confirm and agree that as a member of this program and providing of services to PMSA you are and shall remain an independent contractor, and these Terms and Conditions shall not be construed to create an association, partnership or joint venture, relationship of principal and agent or of employer and employee between you and PMSA within the meaning of any law. You shall not be considered, nor hold yourself out to be, an agent, employee or partner of PMSA for any purpose. You are not authorized, nor shall purport to be authorized, to create obligations binding on PMSA in any manner whatsoever.
  5. As an independent contractor you shall be responsible for all income and related taxes with respect to all compensation payable during your participation in the IQOS Friends program and you shall not be entitled to, or eligible to participate in, any benefits or privileges given or extended by PMSA to its employees.
  1. The IQOS Friends program is a platform that rewards you (the “referrer”) for providing services to PMSA by answering questions related to IQOS from your adult smoker friends over the age of 18 (the “referred friend”) who have asked you for more information about IQOS and by referring those adult smoker friends who have asked to be referred, to PMSA.
  2. The IQOS Friends program is not a platform for the marketing and/or promotion of IQOS. It is to ensure that adult smokers who have questions related to IQOS are correctly referred, to ensure that they receive accurate and non-misleading information.
  3. The referred friend must not be an existing IQOS user.
  4. When the referred friend purchases an IQOS Starter Kit, registers as a new customer on [] via purchase through an IQOS representative, in an IQOS store or at an authorized IQOS reseller, the referrer will receive R250 via a Reward Code within 7 (seven) working days of the referred friend completing their purchase.
  5. The Reward Code will only be redeemable via the IQOS Friends customer portal and once redeemed, will be paid via our service provider WOW Marketing Services.
  6. PMSA reserves the right to refuse the issue of any code to a referrer or the use of a referrer’s code by a referred friend at any time and to cancel the referrer’s registration to this program if PMSA reasonably believes that the referrer or referred friend is abusing this program or is otherwise in breach of these terms and conditions.
  7. PMSA reserves the right to amend or terminate the IQOS Friends program at any time without notice.
  8. Any changes to the program or amended terms and conditions will be available on the website. The IQOS Friends terms and conditions on the website at the time a referrer or friend uses the IQOS Friends program will be the ones that apply.
  9. You may terminate your participation in the IQOS Friends program at any time by sending a request to

 How to refer an adult smoker friend

There are two ways in which you are able to refer an adult smoker friend to PMSA through the IQOS customer portal:

  1. By referring an adult smoker friend directly through the referral form on the IQOS customer portal; and
  2. By logging onto the IQOS customer portal and sharing the unique referral code, which can be found on the IQOS Friend’s individual profile on the customer portal, with an adult smoker friend through any means of communication that you choose (example: sms or e-mail).

IQOS Customer Portal

  1. Your participation in the IQOS Friends program shall only become active once you have registered properly on the IQOS customer portal and accepted the terms and conditions relating to your participation
  2. You acknowledge that all registration information supplied and submitted by you is truthful and accurate, and you undertake to maintain the accuracy of the information supplied.
  3. Access and use of the IQOS customer portal requires internet connectivity and data at your own cost. PMSA shall under no circumstances be liable should you be unable to access the customer portal due to lack of data or connectivity issues. IQOS Friends customer portal profiles are not transferrable and can also not be shared or used by more than one person.
  4. You will be notified via email IQOS Friends should your referral of a legal aged (+18) smoker friend result in a successful sale, and when you receive a Reward Code to the value of R250. This information will also be reflected in the IQOS customer portal on your profile. Such payment of the Reward Code will be made via EFT to the bank account that you have provided to PMSA under your profile in the IQOS customer portal.
  5. The Reward Codes are only valid for a period of 3 (three) years from date of being allocated against your unique IQOS Friends profile in the IQOS customer portal. The 3 (three) year period is calculated from the first calendar day of the month following the date of allocation, unless allocation was done on the 1st calendar day of a month in which event the 3 (three) year period will be calculated from the actual day of allocation. Reward Codes not redeemed within the 3 (three) year period will expire and shall automatically be removed from your IQOS Friends profile in the IQOS customer portal upon expiry.
  6. PMSA may from time to time run updates to the IQOS Friends customer portal which may result in it being temporarily inaccessible and/or unavailable. IQOS Friends will endeavor to limit any down time to a minimum and where practically possible out of normal business hours.
  7. By registering to the IQOS Friends program on the IQOS customer portal and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions you consent to receive electronic communications from us from time to time in relation to this program and related to IQOS, in order to allow you to properly respond to questions you receive from your adult smoker friends on IQOS.
  8. Should your IQOS Friends account be inactive for 30 days, IQOS will deactivate your IQOS Friends profile. Any active Reward Codes linked to the profile that have not been redeemed will be paid to the user by means of user selected preferred payment method. As a reminder, an email will be sent to you after 15 days of inactivity with options to immediately opt-out or continue participation in the program.
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