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Are there alternative tobacco products in South Africa?

There are a number of alternatives to smoking available on the market in South Africa, including e-cigarettes

Are smoke-free tobacco could be better for you than cigarettes

The aerosol emitted when using IQOS contains much lower levels of potentially harmful chemicals than cigarettes, is...

Evolution of Tobacco

Tobacco has been smoked, sniffed and chewed throughout history for a variety of reasons: cultural and ritual,...

How is heat not burn technology a smoking alternative?

Many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke are the result of combustion: the burning of tobacco that is...

Types of smokeless tobacco

One of the reasons smoking cigarettes is so harmful is that during the process of combustion, which creates smoke,...

What does a smoke-free future look like?

There are more than a billion smokers on the planet and there is no doubt that the best option would have been for...

What is heat-not-burn technology

In its quest to create a smoke-free future, Philip Morris International has invested more than $6 billion into...

How to Prevent Your IQOS Heating Blade from Breaking

Here are some top tips for maintaining your IQOS device, including how to prevent damage to your IQOS heating blade

How much nicotine do IQOS HEETS contain?

One of the most frequently asked questions from smokers considering switching to IQOS is, how much nicotine content...

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