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Types of cigarette substitutes

One of the reasons smoking cigarettes is so harmful is that during the process of combustion, which creates smoke, cancer-causing chemicals and tar are inhaled into smokers’ lungs. The good news is that if you’re an adult smoker looking for smokeless tobacco products as an alternative to smoking, there are other options.

This is ground tobacco that is consumed nasally or orally (placed between the gum and bottom lip) delivering nicotine. he nicotine delivery is dependant on the amount of snuff consumed at a time. Once consumption ritual is complete, the snuff is either blown out of the nose or spat out.

Moist tobacco encased in a tiny pouch, snus &n which originated in Sweden is placed under your top lip delivering nicotine via the gums. Once you have finished with it the pouch is removed and disposed of.

Chewing tobacco
Loose leaf tobacco that usually has added flavourings is held in the mouth and chewed into a wad to release nicotine..

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are designed to resemble cigarettes but do not burn tobacco. Instead, e-cigarettes heat up a liquid that may or may not contain nicotine creating a vapour that is inhaled in a similar way one would smoke a traditional cigarette.

IQOS a heat-not-burn alternative to smoking that has turned the industry on its head. The IQOS device works with specially made sticks of quality tobacco leaves called HEETS that are inserted into the device and heated releasing nicotine and a satisfying tobacco flavour without combustion. HEETS are made from the finest leaf tobacco and are available in six tobacco flavours, including menthol. So if you’re an adult smoker wanting to switch to a better alternative to cigarettes why not Book a demo and experience IQOS for yourself.
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