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IQOS uncovered: The essentials you need to know

What if you could enjoy the taste of tobacco without burning it? This is the thinking behind IQOS heated tobacco products. A leading solution of the smoke-free category, IQOS offers you a better alternative to cigarettes, with little compromise on taste and experience.

How does IQOS heated tobacco work?

IQOS heating systems have three parts. A heated tobacco unit, known as HEETS or tobacco sticks, a holder and a charger. The tobacco stick slots into the top of the holder and at the press of a button it is warmed-up in seconds to release a tobacco vapor, which contains an average of over 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke. Each tobacco stick lasts for about 6 minutes or 14 puffs, similar to a cigarette.

What's more, the IQOS battery can be recharged after use so you can use the same holder up to 10’000 times.

What does IQOS taste and smell like?

Heated tobacco products use solid tobacco leaves, so you can still taste the flavor of tobacco. The temperature is electronically controlled so the tobacco doesn't burn and the taste is consistent. The vapor from heated tobacco dissipates faster than cigarette smoke, so it doesn’t leave such a strong smell in the air, on your clothes or on your breath.

What about the look and feel of an IQOS?

IQOS devices are designed to mimic the feeling of holding a cigarette. They're small and don't require a lighter because no burning takes place.

How safe is the IQOS device?

Thanks to years of technological research, IQOS has been diligently designed to ensure a high electronic safety standard and enjoyment. At the heart of the product is a glass-coated blade made of ceramic and incorporating gold and platinum tracks. An advanced electronics system carefully controls the temperature of the IQOS device to ensure there is no combustion, and the holder will turn itself off if it starts to overheat.

Can I take my IQOS to any country?

Many countries have different regulations on the use of heated tobacco products and IQOS is not available in every country. Some countries restrict importation and use of electronic cigarettes, and although IQOS is not an electronic cigarette, but a heated tobacco product, you need to be careful when you travel. Countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan don’t allow the use heated tobacco products and in some cases, you could be presented a fine or even arrested. So before leaving on vacation, make sure to double check the destination laws around entering with tobacco products to make sure you are fully informed.

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