What Are the Different Kinds of HEETS?

Curious about the different kinds of HEETS but not sure which one to choose? With almost 6 million IQOS users around the world and a wide range of flavors, there's plenty to get to know. Here we take a look at what HEETS are, all the different types available worldwide and how they compare to cigarettes.

What are HEETS?

HEETS, also known as tobacco sticks, are heated tobacco units to be used with your dedicated IQOS device. They’re composed of various filters, a tobacco plug made from real tobacco leaves, and both outer and mouth-end papers. Your device uses a cutting-edge, electronically controlled heater to gently heat the tobacco in the tobacco stick at the touch of a button, rather than burning it like traditional cigarettes. This process heats the tobacco to temperatures not exceeding 350 °C as opposed to over 600 °C in traditional cigarettes, creating a flavored nicotine-containing vapor instead of smoke. The lower temperature means an average reduction in the levels of harmful chemicals generated of 95% compared to cigarette smoke. HEETS are sold in packs of twenty and are available in a wide range of variants. Each one lasts for six minutes or around fourteen puffs, which most people find is the same as smoking a cigarette. Once finished, HEETS can be easily disposed of and recycled.

What do the different HEETS colors mean?

The HEETS colors represent the different flavors available. These flavors are available globally, but not all of them are available in every country just yet.

Blue and Turquoise: Two cooling menthol flavors.

Yellow, Bronze, Amber and Sienna: A range of finely balanced tobacco blends, from smooth and subtle to intense and full-bodied.

What’s the difference between HEETS and cigarettes?

HEETS still offer a great tobacco taste and the satisfaction of a cigarette, but due to lower levels of harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke. This vapor also disappears quickly and doesn’t have the same strong smell as cigarette smoke so your breath, clothes, and everyone around you will benefit too. It has even been shown to have no negative impact on indoor air quality. IQOS also does not generate second-hand smoke.

As a product containing tobacco and nicotine, IQOS with HEETS is not entirely risk-free.


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