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What are the benefits of heated tobacco products?

The best choice you can make as an adult smoker is to quit cigarettes altogether. However, for those adult smokers who choose to continue using tobacco, there are better alternatives than continuing to smoke. That doesn’t mean you have to let go of the ritual that comes with smoking conventional cigarettes. If you are searching for a better alternative to cigarettes, here is why you should consider moving to heated tobacco products. Heated tobacco products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive.

Real tobacco taste

Unlike vaping devices, the tobacco sticks used in heated tobacco products are made from real tobacco and do not use e-liquids. For the heated tobacco brand, IQOS, the tobacco comes in the form of HEETS tobacco sticks.

The tobacco stick is heated to a lower temperature than with the burning of cigarettes, to release the taste of real tobacco.

Just like cigarettes, HEETS tobacco sticks have a range of flavours to suit everyone's palate and mood. There are eight HEETS variants to choose from, from crispy menthol and malty aromas to the bold taste of Russet. Use the handy HEETS flavour advisor to find the perfect one for you.

Feel comfortable to get close

From the cigarette smoke that is more likely to bother those around you, to the cigarette smoke smell on clothing, cigarettes can deprive adult smokers from the opportunity to get close with those they love. With heated tobacco products, these concerns could be addressed.

Heated tobacco products work by heating tobacco. By not burning tobacco, heated tobacco products in general don’t create tobacco smoke and the aerosols of heated tobacco products should contain fewer and lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke. Of course, it is a matter of scientific assessment of each particular heated tobacco product to see if this is actually the case.

Cigarettes negatively affect the air around you and others. IQOS doesn’t*. IQOS doesn’t produce smoke or second-hand smoke. Because IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it, it emits significantly less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes for you and those around you**.

What about “tar”?

IQOS does not produce “tar”. “Tar” is the residue from cigarette smoke after a cigarette is burned. Since IQOS does not burn tobacco, it does not produce “tar”. . Its aerosol residue is fundamentally different from cigarette “tar”.

The better choice

While there are many benefits to heated tobacco such as no ash and no cigarette smoke smell , one of the biggest benefits is the potential of scientifically substantiated heated tobacco products to present less risk to your health than continued smoking. Switching completely to IQOS is less harmful than continuing to smoke***.

Since the tobacco is heated and not burned, IQOS emits on average 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes**. This does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk. IQOS is not risk free.*Source: PMI Study conducted under ISO standards simulating real world scenarios and based on threshold limits established by existing air quality guidelines, when used in a setting where regulatory norms of adequate ventilation are respected. **Average reductions in a range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette

***Based on the totality of evidence available for IQOS in comparison with continuing to smoke.