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Simple and intuitive to use.

There are three models of IQOS to choose from: IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi, all of which work on the same basic principles for use. 

What’s in the IQOS box?

Each IQOS kit contains an IQOS pocket charging unit into which the pen-like HEETS holder fits, a charging cable and power adaptor. Once it's fully charged using the power socket – the holder status light on the side will be solid white – using the unit could not be simpler.

How to turn on IQOS

Power up the pocket charger by holding down the power button for 4 seconds, then release. The holder status and battery status lights will flash and you are good to go.

How to use IQOS

Slip out the HEETS holder, press the button on the side of the holder to start the blade heating process and gently insert a HEETS tobacco stick – tobacco side down. After a few seconds the holder will vibrate twice, the light will stop pulsing and remain on as a solid white light, indicating that the blade has heated up and you are ready to start your HEETS experience.

Once your HEETS experience is coming to an end and to signal the last 30 seconds of use, the holder will vibrate once again and the light will pulse. When the light switches off, it’s time to remove the used HEETS stick by sliding the cap of the holder up and slipping out the used tobacco stick for disposal.  

How to charge IQOS

To charge the holderTo charge the holder, simply slide it into the pocket charger, close the door and the holder charging process, which takes three and a half minutes, will commence.

To check the battery status of your IQOS device tap the pocket charger button. The white light will indicate the level of charge remaining in your pocket charger. After 20 uses the pocket charger should be plugged into the power adaptor to be charged up.

How to clean IQOS

Each IQOS kit comes with a mechanical cleaner as well as a small pack of alcohol-infused cleaning sticks. It is recommended that you clean the device daily or at least after each pack of 20 HEETS using the mechanical cleaner to prevent tobacco sediment produced during the IQOS experience from settling at the base of the blade. A build-up of sediment can negatively impact your IQOS experience and cause the device to become too hot during use.

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