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What is heated tobacco?
What is heated tobacco?

What is heated tobacco?

 What are heated tobacco products?

A heated tobacco product is an alternative way of delivering tobacco (and nicotine) to a smoker, without combustion. Heated tobacco products heat tobacco, instead of burning it, and are sometimes referred to as heat-not-burn products. They use sophisticated heated tobacco technology to regulate and control temperature, preventing combustion and significantly reducing the level of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals that are released. In its quest to create a smoke-free future, Philip Morris International has invested more than $6 billion into heat-not-burn technology – called HeatControl™ technology – as a revolutionary alternative to smoking for adult smokers looking for a better alternative to smoking. However, they are not risk free. They also contain nicotine which is addictive. They are only for adult smokers and should never be used during pregnancy.

 Is IQOS a heated tobacco product?

IQOS is a heated tobacco device that is the result of years of intensive research and development. It heats tobacco to temperatures of up to 350°C, much lower than when a cigarette combusts. This not only releases the true taste of heated tobacco, but also means there’s no fire ash, or smoke. But because IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it, it emits 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*, it’s a much better choice than continued smoking.

 How do heated tobacco products like IQOS work?

Heated tobacco devices use disposable tobacco sticks, that contain specially created tobacco. Designed for use only with the IQOS, HEETS tobacco sticks consist of a plug of top-quality processed tobacco to deliver nicotine. Rather than being burned as is the case with cigarettes, when heated, HEETS sticks generate a nicotine and tobacco containing vapor. IQOS users inhale this vapour, where the entire experience lasts for about 6 minutes, or the equivalent of 14 puffs of a traditional cigarette.

Like many of the handheld products we use in our daily lives, heated tobacco devices are battery powered, which allows the consumer to use them while on the go. The devices need to be charged regularly, so an essential part of transitioning from cigarettes to a heated tobacco device is ensuring your device is fully charged before you go out, and that you have planned points that are convenient for you to recharge your device.

 Other differences between the IQOS heat-not-burn and traditional smoking

 Indoor air quality

The quality of our air indoors is important. This is one of the main differences between burning tobacco and heating tobacco. IQOS has no negative impact on indoor air quality. This is proven by air quality tests conducted in accordance with international standards.*

 No need for matches with IQOS

No more hunting around in your bag or jeans for a lighter or having to stop a stranger in their tracks. With IQOS, you simply insert the tobacco stick into the IQOS holder (it contains an electronically controlled heater). Turn on the heater, then draw on the IQOS HEET stick to experience the real taste of heated tobacco. When the tobacco stick is finished, simply remove it, and chuck it in the bin.

Keep your IQOS holder recharged in the pocket charger. When home, charge the unit up at night for on-the-go power the next day - just like you do with your mobile. For more information on charging your device, look at our helpful charging guide.

 No lit end with IQOS

Imagine the nightmare of a lit cigarette accidently burning a mark on a recently purchased dining table or a cinder falling onto a favourite jumper and leaving an unsightly hole! Unlike cigarettes, IQOS doesn’t have a lit end and therefore, there’s no risk of burning clothes or furniture

 IQOS leaves less of a lingering smell

IQOS doesn’t generate cigarette smoke smell (the IQOS smell is quite different) and the tobacco vapour disappears more quickly than cigarette smoke.

 So, IQOS not only leaves less smell on clothes and fabrics but is also less likely to bother others around you - such as when you’re out with friends who’d rather avoid second-hand smoke and being passive smokers. In fact, smokers who’ve switched to IQOS feel more comfortable getting close to people than they did after smoking a cigarette. IQOS is our most advanced smoke-free product.

Important information: It does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk.
IQOS is not risk-free.

*Average reduction in levels of a broad range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F).

*Source: online survey conducted by third party research agencies in 2016 and 2017 among 3 157 users in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Romania and Spain.