ICOS, IKOS, IQOUS or even IQUS. How to spell IQOS.

You may have heard the name IQOS or seen the device but still struggle to use the correct spelling when you search for it on Google. This can make your search for IQOS smoking alternative fruitless. If you are interested in this innovative alternative to smoking, how the product works and where to find it, you simply need to spell it as, ‘IQOS’. And what does IQOS stand for? Contrary to various sources, it does not stand for, ‘I Quit Ordinary Smoking.’

What exactly is IQOS?

Despite the surge in vaping and e-cigarettes across SA, not every adult smoker has been fully satisfied by the experience and many are still looking for better alternatives to smoking. IQOS, is a revolutionary tobacco heating system designed to heat rather than burn tobacco, giving adult smokers who may otherwise continue smoking a new smoke-free alternative to cigarettes.

The Smoke-Free Approach.

IQOS forms part of Philip Morris’ Reduced Risk Products (RRP) offering, which have been created with the vision for a Smoke-Free Future. What does smoke-free mean? In short, it refers to heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco alternatives.

IQOS is an electronic device that is used exclusively with specially designed heated tobacco units (branded as HEETS) at a controlled temperature, which gives a satisfying nicotine-containing aerosol without smoke, with less smell and no ash as compared to combustible tobacco products or cigarettes.

Unlike cigarettes, IQOS does not burn. Simply put, there is no fire or smoke involved to get started with or during the heating experience. Through the use of RRP’s, PMI is committed to creating a smoke-free future.

How Heat-Not-Burn Technology works.

While most cigarettes burn at temperatures in excess of 600°C, heated tobacco works by only heating the tobacco up to 350°C, which stops the tobacco from burning. By heating tobacco at lower temperatures, the true taste of heated tobacco is released.

4 major advantages of heated tobacco products like IQOS:
  1. IQOS generates on average 90% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*. This product is not risk free and is addictive. Only for use by adults. *Source: “Average of the reductions in the concentrations of a broad range of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals measured in the IQOS aerosol compared to those measured in the smoke of more than 1,600 cigarette brands in over 40 countries between 2008 and 2017. Aerosol and smoke collections performed under the Health Canada Intense machine-smoking regime. Reduction calculations exclude nicotine.”
  2. No smoke: IQOS doesn’t produce smoke, only an aerosol, which dissipates quicker than the smoke released by a cigarette.
  3. No ash: IQOS doesn’t produce ash, because the tobacco doesn’t burn.
  4. Less smell: IQOS doesn’t produce a strong smell compared to smoking, so users and those nearby don’t have to worry about the lingering smell of tobacco on their hair, hands, clothes and furniture. So your friends, family and pets will be pleased too!

Now that you know how to spell IQOS, next time you find yourself wondering about the product, you can confidently type in ‘IQOS’ into Google and you will be directed to the correct results. Remember not to use ICOS, IKOS, IQOUS or IQUS.

This product is not risk free and is addictive. Only for use by adults


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