IQOS Not Heating Properly?

Why isn’t my IQOS heating properly?

To heat up your IQOS holder holder you only need to press the button on the holder once to activate the heating blade and once the light goes from flashing to solid or, in the case of IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi, vibrates, you are ready to enjoy your HEETS. If the blade doesn’t seem to be heating, make sure that you haven’t accidentally switched the device off by pressing the button more than once. The instruction leaflet in your IQOS box contains step-by-step instructions to get you started. If you are still encountering problems, you can visit the FAQ section on the IQOS website or book a demo with an IQOS coach who will be able to assist.

You will also need to make sure that the pocket charger is switched on and has sufficient charge to power the holder. To check, simply press the power button on the pocket charger once and the light will switch on, indicating how much charge is left. If it’s run down, place the holder in the pocket charger, plug the pocket charger into the power adaptor and allow it to charge up again. Another important point to bear in mind is that laptop ports may not have sufficient power to charge the pocket charger, especially if it is completely discharged.

There are a couple of reasons why your IQOS may not be heating up properly. One of the most significant of these is if the device is dirty. It is recommended that you clean the device gently using the mechanical cleaner supplied in your IQOS box at least once a day or after you have finished a box of 20 HEETS sticks. Cleaning the holder removes and tobacco build up inside the holder and on the blade. If too much debris accumulates inside the holder it can prevent the heating blade from making full contact with the HEETS stick, which will result in an unsatisfying HEETS experience. Make sure you only rotate the cleaner in one direction to avoid damaging or breaking the heating blade.

Another reason why your IQOS may not be heating properly is if the holder is not making contact and engaging properly when it is placed in the pocket charger. If you suspect this is the case, take the device in to the IQOS kiosk closest to you or contact an IQOS coach who will be able to help.

Is the IQOS heating blade broken?

Heating tobacco as opposed to burning it is what sets IQOS apart from cigarettes and the last thing you will want is for something such as a heating blade that isn’t working properly to get in the way of your IQOS HEETS experience, which is precisely why we have troubleshooted some common problems here.

If you accidentally break the heating blade in your holder the device will not be able to heat up and you will have to replace the holder, which can be purchased separately or replaced by our IQOS Care Team if the device is still under warranty. Visit the IQOS parts shop to find out which parts are available and to take a look at the variety of customisable accessories available for your device.

To prevent against breaking the blade be very gentle when cleaning the unit and only use the IQOS cleaning sticks and mechanical cleaner supplied with your unit.

How to prevent the IQOS heating blade from breaking

A gentle touch is needed when cleaning your IQOS to prevent damage to the heating blade. When using the mechanical cleaner be sure to rotate it in one direction only and never twist it backwards and forwards vigorously as this could break the blade. The same gentle touch is needed when cleaning the holder using the IQOS cleaning sticks. Only use the IQOS cleaning sticks and mechanical cleaner supplied with your unit.

IQOS warranty and replacement

If you are unable to resolve your IQOS heating problem using the advice and tips supplied here get in touch with the IQOS customer care team by calling 0800 043 087, sending an email to or via our Facebook or Twitter pages. You can also visit an IQOS store near you. If your IQOS is within its warranty period and covered by our policy, IQOS will gladly supply you with a replacement device.

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