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Travelling with your IQOS

If you are traveling briefly with your IQOS, the following tips are especially for you:

Avoid exposing your IQOS to direct sunlight, water, sand, and sunscreen.Visit our Parts & accessories page for accessories to protect your IQOS especially in this period;

Do not forget to take the brush and cleaning rods while traveling, as well as the plug adapter and USB cable;

Make sure that your IQOS is registered and that your account is active on to simplify activation of the guarantee if necessary;

If you need support in South Africa, please contact us through one of our channels

If your trip is abroad:

Check if a power adapter is compatible with the voltage of the destination country of vacation;

If you travel by plane, remember to always carry your IQOS in your carry-on luggage as an electronic device with battery;

The website is available in South Africa only with roaming data. If the connection is established by Wi-Fi network, the available site will be the location where you can find, in most cases, the available IQOS stores

Keep your phone number +800 043 3478 on the phone to call if you have problems with your IQOS. Learn more about international assistance . 

Don’t forget to also check the smoking laws of the country you are travelling to make sure you are compliant. Bon voyage! Have a safe trip!

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